Monday, September 24, 2007

What ever happened to...

Monie Love

Monie's in the middle (where she at?) In the middle. Monie's in the middle (where that at?) In the middle. Monie's in the middle (where she at?) In the middle. Go Mo, Mo, where is she? Monie's in the middle.

I think we were introduced to her when she did Ladies First with Queen Latifah back in the very early '90's. I remember I made it my mission to learn every word to "Its a Shame (My Sister) cause she had that crazy flow of rapping at lightening speed. And I did learn every word. I thought she was a great female rapper.

Where she's at:

Apparently she's now a DJ in Philly, working the morning rush hour. She's also a single mother of three and is slated to do a comeback album. We'll see.

Craig Mack

I remember he was like the ooogliest rapper out at that time but every radio station (ok, 92Q) was cranking Flavor in Ya Ear like every 15 mins and every lil mofo in school had to know this one word for word. I specifically remember being in Reisterstown Road Plaza (when people used to hang there) with my best friend at the time, when a store started blaring this song and me and my friend stopped what we were doing and broke into a full on dance, right there in the middle of the mall. Good times.

His new flavor:

Apparently he left Bad Boy records in 1997 and did a new album with some Street Life records which I don't think anyboy has ever heard of and basicaly fell off the scene.

The rapper reappearred in 2002 on the remix of the G-Dep song "Special
Delivery" with P. Diddy, Keith
, and Ghostface Killah, which
can be found on the Bad Boy album We Invented the
Remix Vol. 1
. After starting his own imprint, named MackWorld Records,
released the single "Mack Tonight" b/w "Hip-Hop Life" in 2006. Plans for a third album,
tentatively titled The Affiliation, were announced, scheduled for release
sometime in 2007.

Chi Ali

The girls look so good, but their minds are not ready, I don't know, I rather talk to a woman, cause her mind is more steady, so here we go.

He was like 14 when his album dropped and was getting much play on the defunct Jukebox Network (anybody remember that?) But he was kinda cute with his wavy, lil head and his first single.


Looks like another tried to change the formula and fell off. Apparently with his follow-up album he went from cute and sweet, street and thug.

They featured Chi with a slightly more mature voice. Overall, the album's theme
is of a kid who is getting too big for his britches. He speaks of preferring to
date older women, gun
, and marijuana smoking, which at
the time seemed cute and laughable. It received mixed reviews for lyrics that
seemed uneven...

Then even worse, he became a thug:

Shockingly, the next time many would see Chi Ali was on the show America's Most Wanted in 2001 for the death of Sean Raymond, the brother of his then girlfriend. Chi evaded police for a number of weeks before his capture. Reports at the time indicated that the incident stemmed from the loss of $300 and an unknown number of CDs. Chi Ali is currently serving a 14 year sentence at Elmira Correctional Facility, in Elmira, NY.

So sad when that happens.

Special Ed the magnificent.

Another one of my early '90s, Jukebox network, heavily rotated video faves. This was my joint and is still apart of my old school hip hop jams mixes CDs.

Where is the magnificent now?

Looks like he tried. He put out a few more albums, which unfortunately went nowhere. But he does have a Myspace page (

Well, at least, he's not locked up.

Oaktown's 3 5 7

It's time to get ill, we got the pill...

Remember these stanky rappers? I remember dancing to their MC Hammer beats and raunchy, booty-shaking lyrics like I was stank myself. I wasn't, but it was fun. I remember when Juice Got 'em Crazy came out and we were rocking it in middle school.


Guess everything MC Hammer touched turned to sawdust cause their careers went too. Apparently they just disbanded. Oh well. Hopefully, they're not on welfare.


My best friend was in LOVE with them. She made me stop what I was doing one day to listen to the bass-line of Can't You See. Coming out, under Biggie's reign, they were tight, I had to admit and finally got into them. I remember there was the real pretty Keisha rocking the half-way bald look and making it look hot, then the Pam, the one we all assumed was a lesbo based on her mannerisms and depp voice and we couldn't quite see her with a dude though she tried and Kima, the not-so-quite cute one. Actually, she was kinda funny looking. Even with the long weaves.

What up?

Apparently they are back together and working on a new album. Keisha ass went and married Omar Epps (ok, then!) and I read that there will be a 4th member. We'll see.


I used to love me so them. I had every album and would be up in my room perfecting my rendition of Weak til my throat hurt. And how about their song Downtown. They had al us high school girls openly singing about a man going down (some of dreaming, some not). Funny looking, yeah but they had all the hits. Everything they put out was a big hit. I was mad when Coko, tall ass decided she was too good and went solo. Didn't go nowhere.


They are getting back together and have already started performing. And I'm happy to hear it! They were my girls! Youtube is suppose to have some recent clips.

Color Me Badd

I wanna sex you up!

Awwwww, yeah! That was the song. THE song, that after hearing it for the first time convinced me that I must lose my virginity and quick!!! I am not playing. I saw Bryan Abrams fine behind talking about "dooooooo meeeeeeee" on TV and bout lost my mind. Who cares about the other ones. He was the FINEST white man I'd ever seen in my life and whatever he said do, I did. I would. It's done. Even girls who'd never looked at white boys before (unlike me) were like dayy-yumm! I was ready to marry that man. Bryan, not the rest of them.

What now?

Mid-90's, they couldn't hang. What else is new? Epic records dropped them and they broke up. The curly-headed dude Sam, became a producer and married Tamyra Gray. Kevin (the token black) is doing gospel and Mark is doing insurance (uh what?). As for fine-ass Bryan, you should have seen my jaw drop when I saw his fat behind on the VH1 series Man Band, trying to assemble some sort of washed-up, former boy band group for reality TV. Damn! Were options that limited? Say it aint so. is.

Neneh Cherry

We always hang in a buffalo stance, we do the dive every time we dance...

Yep, she was one of those artists, I liked simply because she was pretty. She had pretty curly hair and a doll face and the song and video were peculiar so it stuck with me. I recall she was pregnant when she shot the video which shocked the hell outta me. Pregnant? Young? Unmarried? How did that happen? Seriously, I didn't know that happened when I was a kid.


Looks like she is still recording and touring around Europe.

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Abe said...

If it makes you feel any better, I live in Philly and Monie left the station back in December of 2006... which means she could very well be doing absolutely nothing. C'est la vie!