Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dream Men of the Moment

Totally biting off my friend Eclectik Relaxation's blog where he always posts his favorite beautiful women. I've decided to honor my own collection of hottie men I desire to share and also to look at whenever I want to. And that list will vary depending on my mood but here are my main men.

David Beckham

Why? Well just look at him. I usually do not go for blondes but he is like perfection personified. The face alone sold me. He had that square jawline, intense eyes and prefect features that only an artist 2nd in line with nature could perfect.

Lenny Kravitz

Why? He is just absolutely beautiful and bonus for being a black man that plays rock music. He has everything, musical talent, cool hair, beautiful features as well as a rock hard butt, abs, arms, caramel skin and style. That's hot!

Julian McMahon

Why? As the star of Nip/Tuck, he is worth tuning in every week just to see his kinky sex scenes and (kudos to FX for showing some bare ass on basic cable). He portrays a classic bad boy. And he could ____ my _____ anytime he wanted to. You fill in those blanks.


Why? Style, man! He is all about style! Seriously, his look is the hottest right now. That polished gentleman's dress mixed with his flair and relationship lyrics. Add on to that his smooth caramel skin, freckles, lips and the swagger in her voice. Oooh yeah! His style alone is much appreciated. I see fellows trying to imitate, I say keep it up. We women are noticing. He's like serious long-term, relationship material.

Matthew McNaughhey

Why? Why? He's fine! Again, not a blonde fan but I am a fan of nice butts, abs, legs, thighs, tanned, glistening skin and he's got that wild, cowboy thing going on, like he would just grab your ass and saddle you up and have you riding high like your on a mechanical bull and ....(ok going too far). Strictly, short-term, purely sexual fun and games material.

John Legend

Why? This one is simple, he sings pretty, reminicent of Stevie Wonder, plays the piano, has pretty bubblin brown sugar skin and sings lovely songs about love. I keep hearing, though, that he might be gay but Ihavne't found any concrete eveidence of this yet. Regardless, he is adorable.

Adam Levine

Why? Same reasons as John, sings like Stevie (I'm a sucker for a soulful singer), is cute as all hell and well, that's it. Cutiepie! I'd have his baby and hope it comes out singing!

Mos Def

Why? I really can't even pinpoint why. It's just something about him. When I saw him acting in some film, he just stayed with me. It's like he has a perfect mix of street knowledge and cred mixed with real intellectual smarts. Like he could be the broke, mofo 'round the corner or the executive on the board room. Then rap on top of that. I dig that. And he aint bad looking either. Most definitely!

John Cusack

Why? He just has this everyday, every man, totally down to earth attainability like I could get a guy as lovable as he portrays himself on screen. Lots of his characters are vulnerable, lovelorn and totally sweet. I seriously would marry a guy like him. Dark hair, intense eyes, sensitive, adorable. He's the type of guy you want to give your heart to and make him happy.

Hill Harper

Why? Well this one is simple. If you've ever heard the saying that people tend to choose people that look like them, he is my perfect match! We look just a like! Brown-skin, little nose, heart-shaped mouth. He is suppose to be with me genetically so we can have gogeous brown babies together! Look at him! He is my ultimate match!

And finally, Marvin Gaye

So yeah, he's no longer living but still one of the finest and most talented men ever. I remember hearing Let's Get it On when I was a child and thinking 'that man is kinda sexy'. I like to think I owe my life to this man as I believe my parents got together dancing to Got to Give It Up at the club they met and danced to his music throughout their courtship. But forget all that, he is just the best soul and R&B singer and all his stuff is so classic. Talented. Troubled but damn sexy.


Skinny Black Chick said...

And I thought I was the only sorta young buck with a massive crush on Marvin Gaye. That voice, that voice. Man, it gets me everytime!

Music Snob said...

Props for the JL, Mos Def, and Adam Levine. However, did you see the M5 performance at the VMA's last night? A major two thumbs down! I also don't like the fact that lately Adam looks like a character out of the SIMS. As much as it hurts me to say it I think my people should tell his people that he is in desperate need of a new stylist. :)

Toomuchcoffeelady said...

Weren't you conceived to Let's Get it On? Props for McConaghey. Yum!

Anonymous said...

John Legend is totally gay. He's boinking Kanye West. They been lovers for years.

Anonymous said...

Hehe. You'd have sex with a dead guy.


Monique said...

Great taste! I feel exactly the same way about Mos Def. I love him and I don't know why?