Thursday, September 20, 2007

To Nappy or Not?

I've been thinking about it for the past few years. I am sick of relaxing, straightening and really, killing my hair. But I'm so used to it this way! I don't know if I could really go totally nappy and natural, yet I've come to the conclusion that I cannot continue to fry my hair with chemicals and curling irons for life as it continues to thin out and turn into nothing. I gotta do something. So I'd been toying around with the idea od goin more natural. Not totally, all out nappy, but to stop straightening my hair and wearing it frizzy, bushy. Not that would be a hug change for me, but I did for a few years after college stop straightening my hair and I found it grew so mych better. It stayed thicker and healthier and it stopped breaking off. And I didn't need to trim it every ___ number of weeks because it stayed better shape.

I'm trying to grow my hair out now; the more processed, colored parts before I do go quasi-natural so I'll have some length to play around with.

What ya'll think?

I mean at this rate, I'm ready to shave my head bald, I'm so sick of dealing with hair.


maddypappy1 said...

Funny...I was just talking to my girl about this earlier today.

As a man, I don't know what advice to give in that situation. I'm ready to grow my hair out because I'm under the impression that keeping this clean cut look is making me an assimilationist. I'm ready to do something that I've never done...rock a 'fro and the pharaoh beard!.

But I'm really starting to feel the natural look on women. It's hot!

Anonymous said...

Nappy hair is life.

TooMuchCoffeeLady said...

Let your hair go natural! I suggest little twists or a Macy Gray 'do. You're hot enough to pull it off!

Anonymous said...