Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kathy Griffin: My Hero of the Day

Ha ha ha! This one made my morning.

At some creative arts Emmy's ceremony, Kathy Griffin won an award for her show Life on the D-List (funny show) and she did what no one has done before and that which I've always wanted to do just to smite people: in giving her thanks she remarked that Jesus Christ had nothing to do with her getting the award. Fucking hilarious!

Her actual quote:

"...a lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus."

Damn her for stealing my idea but kudos for doing it, even though the networks are going to censor it for its telecast this weekend claiming its offensive. Whatever! And how the hell is that more offensive than Sarah Silverman (who sucked!) saying that both Britney's kids were "mistakes" during her opening monologue on the VMAs Sunday night? I think taking pot shots at innocent children is way worse than not giving undue credit to someone who hasn't exactly been without his share of accolades.

Oh and I have to add that the Emmy for Best Song also went to SNL's famed "Dick in a Box" short but the Catholic League doesn't appear to have any problem with that. PPfffffffffff, whatever!!

I love Kathy Griffin. I'll buy her a drink in hell!


trailer park said...

I agree with you about Sarah Silverman. She could learn a lot from Kathy Griffin. They both do a lot of snarky, mean comedy, but Silverman takes it so far that it's just not funny.

The Girl From Park Heights said...
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Anonymous said...

Silverman was totally tasteless.

Kathy rules!

Skinny Black Chick said...

Sarah Silverman is a bit much.

How come I'm just now hearing about "Dick in a Box?" I just watched it on YouTube and I was tearing up with laughter! Can't believe they gave it an Emmy, but it was funny as hell.