Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Is Baltimore Stepping Up?

I keep hearing from people that Baltimore is "rebuilding ", trying to "step it up", is growing and "getting better". And I roll my eyes and suck my teeth cause I'll believe it when I see it, right?

So Labor Day weekend rolls around and I was trying to find some hot spots to do dancing. I get an email from my usual favorite dance spot about a party going on Sunday night. I email the promoter back (who will remain nameless) to ask about the cover, since it wasn't posted. Mind you, this club I used to get into for free before 10pm not but a year prior. After that, it was $10. I wanted to spit out my coffee when he replied and told me the cover, all night was now $20. $20! To get into a club? In Baltimore? The same one I've frequently for years! Oh, I was hot. The last time I spent that on cover charge, my butt was in Miami! Umm, who do they think they are charging $20 for a club whose dancefloor hasn't gotten any bigger and I'm sure whose clientele (by that, I mean the men) aren't any better either? This is not DC! Then he had the nerve to add that $20 is the going rate for any "quality entertainment" that night in town.


Well, my friend and I decided to hit 2 other parties that offered free covers for ladies before 11:30pm and you could circulate between the two. As I was sitting at the bar ordering the biggest alcoholic drink I'd heard of, we then noticed the other ladies trickling in and couldn't help but notice all the hoochie-fied, short, short skirts, long, waist-long weaves and 5-inch stripper heels sauntering in. I mean, you'd have thought this was casting calls for video vixens. not saying they looked cute but they certainly were trying real hard. My friend judged by the way they were dressed and said it reminded her of South Beach. I thought for a 2nd. Then paid for my $10 drink and remembered, I also spent $10 the previous week on a Long Island ice tea. I never used to spend that kind of dough on mixed drinks before. I turned to my friend and asked 'Is is possible Baltimore really is trying to step it up? And be more like DC and Miami?' I even read online about a proposal to build a red line and a green line. And now that I think about it, I'm hearing more and more people talking about how Bmore is getting more and more expensive. Real estate, property taxes, everything has been going up even more.

Could it be? Is Baltimore really stepping up? I guess time will tell? Mine here, though, could be running out.


eschaton said...

I had to laugh at your description of the baltimore women. Where is this anyway? It would be amusing to see at least. I have not really seen this but than i perfer lounge or bar to the club. As a guy in regards to these types of girl, its always been a dissapointment. But waht do you expect? I guess i may have always wished for a wild girl with substance and intelelct. But the intellect seems to make people more concervative.

BTW followed you over from myspace. Always been a fan of the amusing social commetary.

Anonymous said...

If they are, they have a long way to go.