Thursday, September 13, 2007

Drinking and Driving?

I gotta question? Totally hypothetical. Let's say I was driving down to my kickball game and I had a beer in a thermos, with a top on, that was covered and kinda enclosed and you could only drink out of it while pushing a button, which I did while driving. And it was my first drink, so I was hardly drunk. Is that illegal? Cause it wasn't an open container and I wasn't drunk and the beer was not in a bottle. So does that qualify as "open intoxication"? Cause I wasn't drunk. I was actually only sipping on the thing til I got to the game. Does that qualify?

Is it that you can't drink in the car while driving or that you can't be drunk while driving, cause I was clearly not drunk. I just happened to be driving with one beer in a thermos.

That's all.


Music Snob said...

Hypothetical huh? Well despite not being drunk I still think its illegal to drink, hypothetically, while in a moving vehicle. However, frankly I'm more concerned regarding impairment of your hypothetical kick ball skills rather than your hypothetical driving ability. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't do that. It's not a good idea and I think it's actually worse to get caught drinking while driving if you're under the limit than to get caught drunk while driving depending on what you blow. Speaking of which what are you up to...oh nevermind. >:D


eschaton said...

having a beer in a thermos would count as an open container. So its illegal, dont think you would be caught though. I kind of got used to this thing since i have been in Baltimore. Going out with a girl and she gets into my car with a bottle and im like, "what are you doing with that in the car?" But its like im the one thats crazy. This one girl was telling me stories of her life including driving to Philadelphia with her family and a bunch of beer and weed in the car like its one of her best memories. Huh, well i guess im just too boring to see the fun in this. It was kind of a funny picture though. Not my kind of life! I've discovered too much of that sort of thought since ive been here in Baltimore. Never thought of myself as a prude but at a certain point these is too self destructive!